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Property Damage Inspection

Every year in Connecticut storms cause millions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses. Strong winds, hail and flooding can often cause problems the average homeowner or property manager will not notice and can’t detect. In time, these small damages can grow to become larger, costlier problems.



The most destructive storm is the one that directly affects your home or business. Storm damage doesn’t only come at a certain time of the year or when you’re most ready for it. One of the most commonly damaged parts of any structure is the roof. For the uninsured, the roofing is among the costliest parts of the home or commercial building to repair or replace. Even if one is insured, the hassles and time spent dealing with the insurance company can be costly and burdensome.



Whether you are in need of storm damage repair or if you just want to freshen and update the look of your home or business’ exterior, Storm Guard is your choice for quality. If you’re dealing with an insurance company, trying to make a claim for damages due to a recent storm, Storm Guard can help with that too. With insurance claim specialists at the ready, you can be sure their experience will get your money faster. As a result, Storm Guard can work to get your home or business restored as quickly as possible.



The right windows can make a home. They are an important key to your home or business’ look and energy efficiency. Storm Guard does window installation for new and replacement windows. Wood or vinyl, single or double hung, Storm Guard can install them and do it right.



Gutters don’t just have to handle rain. They also catch leaves, twigs, snow and ice. A complete gutter system adds to a home or business’ exterior appearance, but it also helps protect the building’s foundation and landscaping.


Emergency Tarping

When a storm hits, major damage from wind or hail are immediate. Unfortunately, the repairs cannot be completed quite so quickly. Roof damage not only jeopardizes the integrity of your home or business, it also puts the contents at risk. It is the policyholder’s responsibility to protect the interior of the structure from rain damage. The expenses incurred by not taking immediate action can be upwards of $100,000.


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